What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Our contrarian nature is summed up in our belief that venture capital is ripe for new and creative funding models. We aim to inject the optimal amount of capital, conscious of founder dilution yet arming founders with the right dry powder to scale their business quickly to the next level. We ignore status quo and aim to strike the right balance between investor and founder. Our funding model is built on the principal that we are aligned on Day 1. We source for exciting investment opportunities via our trusted networks built over decades of experience. We look for maniacal founders, relentless on scaling their companies.

As a trusted and engaged partner, the most valuable service we offer to our founders is access to strategic customers via our corporate network. Here we are uniquely differentiated from other traditional venture investors.

Pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of Japan, Counterpart Ventures II GP, L.L.C., who filed a notification for Specially Permitted Businesses for Qualified Institutional Investors, Etc., is required to make available to the public certain information.  If you would like to obtain such information, please make a request via email to and indicate your name, company name, position and email address, and such information will be sent to you via email promptly after your request.

Funding Model

We assert that in order to be differentiated from other funds and exist for the long run we must provide a unique method of deploying capital to founders.

Our Funding Model intends to take the following shape:

    • VC is evolving. We see opportunity in the market given the dearth of mid-market funds.
    • We play in all 4 quarters. We embrace a stage-agnostic model which can flex across the life cycle of a company, offering a wide range of investing sizes across any and all stages, leading and pricing deals.
    • We do things differently. We do not subscribe to the traditional VC playbook. We aim to inject the optimal capital infusion which is considerate of founder dilution, appropriate capital needs and healthy amount to hit your milestones.
    • We aren’t afraid to make the first move. When we have conviction we are all in. We are not reactionary investors. We are not afraid to price and lead deals and more importantly we step up first.

We typically invest at a $1-5M range with an emphasis on speed, conviction and partnership. We believe it is within this range where we can be effective as a mid-market fund and unique to the founders we work with.

Promise To Founders

We want to make a promise to founders, both those we invest in and those we meet:

    • We will not check our phones during our meetings. Your time is valuable and we will respect that.
    • We will provide direct and explicit feedback. We are not always right and happy to admit when we are wrong.
    • We will get back to you in an expeditious manner. This means “yes” or “no”, we don’t like maybes. Maybes are meh. When we do say “no” we will tell you why and suggest other options for you to pursue.