Authenticity, conviction & partnerships.

Counterpart Ventures is a life cycle venture capital fund, focused on investing in authentic relationships built on implicit trust with our founders.
We embrace an innovative and flexible funding model which creatively aligns with the needs of our portfolio companies. We help build companies by providing meaningful access to real customers and strategic partnerships.

We invest in B2B SaaS, mobility and marketplace technologies which target nontrivial problems or fill missing gaps in large markets. We don’t require social proof by blindly following other investors, when we have conviction we are all in.
Today’s VC landscape is increasingly divided by micro and mega funds. Counterpart Ventures is uniquely positioned to price and lead rounds where others cannot or simply will not.

Our Values


Just win baby. We exert passion and demand excellence in everything we do. We deliver with unwavering conviction.


We aren’t always right and believe it is good practice to acknowledge when we’re not. We believe in teamwork above all else and don’t take ourselves too seriously.


We don’t sit on the fence. We believe that brutal, honest feedback is the best kind of feedback.


The same people you will meet 12 months from now. Authenticity worked for George Costanza so it can work for us too.


Show grit and determination. When the front door is closed, go in through the window.


There is no substitute for hard work or elevator to the top. Everyone must walk across the coals at some point in their life.


VC is a human business. Earn respect and build trust with your peers.